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Premier Dog Care in Burlington and Oakville, ON


Hello and welcome to Dogs Nite Inn, we are offering highly personalized dog care services, including dog walking, day and night sitting, boarding, and dog daycare and playtime.


We are conveniently located on the border of Burlington and Oakville, in the beautiful Elizabeth Garden area.

Why Dogs Love Us?



When your pet stays with us, they will receive undivided attention as we care for one pet at a time. We focus solely on the needs and well-being of your dog without the distractions or stresses comes from a multi-pet environment.


No Cages or Kennels

We operate a cage-free and kennel-free environment. Pets are free to roam around the house just like they would at home. If your pet sleeps in a bed at home, they will sleep in a bed here too.


Safe and Secure

Our home is smoke-free, maintains comfortable temperatures year-round, and includes a large, fenced backyard with no sharp objects and no children—perfect for safe and serene outdoor fun.

Your Dog Will Feel Extra Special With Us

​At Dogs Nite Inn, we specialize in a variety of dog care services tailored to meet the needs of your beloved pet:


Dog Boarding

Whether you need hourly, daily, or nightly care, we offer flexible dog-sitting services at your house or mine.


Dog Walking

We provide up to 3-4 daily walks to ensure your dog remains active and engaged in a quiet and safe neighborhood of Burlington, Ontario. We understand some dogs prefer not to go out in the rain; thus, walks are scheduled according to the weather to keep your pet comfortable. 


Dog Daycare and Playtime

Engaging, interactive play sessions are a cornerstone of our care, ensuring your dog enjoys their time to the fullest. With unlimited belly rubs and cuddles, your furry friend will always have a smile! 


Last-Minute Availability

Need help at the last minute? No problem! We offer flexible, last-minute services to accommodate your schedule, whether you're planning an evening out, taking a day trip, or simply running late.

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"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

- Orhan Pamuk

Our Clients Say


"We are so happy to have found Christine at Dogs Nite Inn, in our neighbourhood.

It's always hard leaving Parker when we go away and he gets really sad and doesn't eat for days. During his stay with Christine, he ate before the end of his first day! Christine sent us regular updates and photos, and Parker got totally spoiled with lots of walks and outside time.

When we picked him up, instead of the usual cold shoulder and mad barking at us for leaving him, he was just happy to see us! We highly recommend Dogs Nite Inn!"

– M.R. (7 yr Havanese)

Let the Tail Wagging Begin!

We look forward to connecting with you:

Telephone: 905-407-9390  Email: 

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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